Bodies Of Victims Are Still Lost In The Sea After Beirut Explosion

Hasan Shaaban | Credit: Bloomberg

In a matter of seconds, as we know it was transformed into what could only be described as a war zone.

The damage made by the blast and destruction caused by the shockwave has rendered the once vibrant a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

The morning after, smoke from the explosion still hovers over ’s port – a calm reminder of the heartwrenching event.

According to NNA, Transportation Minister Michel Najjar said that “ has lost, within minutes in the port explosion, the equivalent of its losses in the July War of 33 days.”

is dealing with a huge loss. Scores of victims have perished, thousands are injured. Families are still in search of lost loved ones. Dozens of people are still missing.

What’s more, there are bodies of victims still in the sea after yesterday’s explosion, according to senior military sources, reported MTV News.

The blast was so strong that cars were blown off the highway, windows were shattered even miles away, it was heard across and over the sea in Cyprus. So what’s to say of those who were nearby the explosion?

is grieving the losses of too many civilians…

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