Meet Philippe Dagher: Beirut’s First Bicycle Mayor!

The Amsterdam-based association BYCS named the Lebanese cyclist and entrepreneur Philippe Dagher Beirut’s first bicycle mayor!

Philippe has been cycling in Beirut for 17 years. The city’s design is not friendly towards pedestrians and especially cyclists. Bicycle lanes and bike corrals are hard to find.

However, Philippe fought against the odds since he believes that adopting the biking habit will reduce pollution and traffic. The biker wants Beirut in 2030 to hold 50 percent fewer motor vehicles than today.

In his vision, Beirut will be a healthier city a few years from now. He always encourages people in his social circle to bike!

To achieve this goal, he wants to reach out to decision-makers and influence them to focus on improving the infrastructure.

Spreading bike-sharing programs throughout the city will eventually increase the number of bikers.

BYCS sees a world where 50% of all city trips are by bicycle by 2030. The Bicycle Mayor Program aims to increase the number of bikers in cities around the world.

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