This Shop In Beirut Is Giving Out A FREE Scoop Of… Bouza 3a Koussa!

bouza 3a koussa

There’s grocer/market just south of Beirut that invented a new ice-cream flavor. Bouza 3a koussa is a Zucchini-flavored ice-cream.

bouzza 3a koussa

There has been a pretty old joke associated with Bouza 3a koussa.

But the joke is now over, thanks to Fadi Fruits‘ new invention.

Apparently, they somehow mixed zucchini and laban (yogurt), without sugar, to create something that tastes good.

bouza 3a koussa

Are you doubting it just as much as we are? Well, they are offering a FREE scoop of bouza 3a koussa for anyone who comes by the shop.

They are always creating new things. They recently also made a Spicy Black Chocolate flavored ice-cream:

fadi fruits

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