Beirut Governor Refusing To Send Security Forces Fire Trucks To Control Protests

France24 | @kennyskynews

A massive protest is taking place in Martyrs Square as we speak. Enraged Lebanese had enough after decades of being led by corrupt politicians and eager to topple the government once and for all.

ISF has been commanded to suppress the new uprising. The forces are using tear gas, rubber bullets, and even physical force.

The ISF even called on the firefighters of Beirut to use their water on the protesters. However, they never showed up.

Initial reports claimed that the fire department refused to do so in solidarity with the lives lost during the Beirut blast.

Many of their own had been killed in the explosion because they were on the scene trying to put out the fire.

Clarification was later offered by the commander of the fire brigade, “We are unable to participate in the suppression of the protesters not because we are in disobedience, but because we are in a catastrophe and we have ten martyrs and we do not have the capabilities to carry out the mission.”

Later, Beirut’s Governor Marwan Abboud ordered the fire brigade not to send any fire trucks to the streets, unless to put out a fire.

The grief-stricken governor believes this explosion is a “genocide against the Lebanese.” On August 4th, he burst into tears seeing what happened to his city.

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