Beirut Hospitals Overwhelmed And Forced To Turn Away Casualties

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Due to the explosion at the Port of Beirut on Thursday that left many injured and some dead, the head of the doctors’ syndicate in Lebanon, Sharaf Abou Sharaf, asked all doctors to go to hospitals and treat the wounded.

Hospitals in the capital are overpacked, and many injured people are being treated outside the hospitals’ buildings.

Hotel Dieu, for example, asked those wounded, and those carrying the wounded, to stop heading for the hospital because there’s no more space.

Breaking: Violent Explosion Shakes Beirut
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Hotel Dieu stated that more than 500 injured are currently at the hospital, many that need urgent operations. So is the case in all hospitals in Beirut, all of which need blood and asked all people capable to donate.

The injured are now being transmitted to hospitals outside of Beirut, like Tyre and other nearby areas.

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