Beirut International Airport Raised the Exchange Rate for the Dollar!

VDLNews reported that the Beirut duty-free market today set a different exchange rate for a dollar than that of the official exchange value. The price of one dollar at Beirut International Airport is now 1750 Lebanese Pounds instead of the standard 1512 LBP that the Lebanese Central Bank has put as a fixed price.


In detail, and according to the sources, people at the airport were surprised by the changing of the exchange rate to 1750 Lebanese Pounds per dollar. In addition to this, the prices of products are being shown exclusively in US dollars.

An official statement to the media from Beirut International Airport offices is still pending as of this moment. However, a picture of a statement on paper signed by Beirut Duty-Free has been circulating on social media for the past few days.

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The statement says: “Dear valued customers, at Beirut Duty-Free, our vision is to deliver the best possible shopping experience to our customers.”

“However with the recent economic challenges in our country and to ensure a consistent supply of all our imported products/brands to satisfy our costumer’s needs, the exchange rate from USD to LBP is 1750 LBP (temporarily) in order to maintain business continuity of supply and to deliver on our promise. We appreciate your understanding.”

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People shared this statement with rightful frustration on social media. One twitter user wrote, “We understand that we can’t do anything to black markets, but who can put a stop to duty-free!”

On Facebook, a page called Lebanese Revolution 2019 wrote in a post, “Tfaddalo! Beirut Duty-Free increasing the exchange rate to 1,750LBP. This is only the beginning.” Someone commented, “Veto the duty-free. You don’t have to buy anything from there,” which is probably what will happen.


With the unemployment rate increasing and economic crisis rising by the day, living cost in Lebanon has been most unsettling. However, we still have hopes and great belief in our beloved country, so we wait patiently for some kind of miracle to pave some way to a brighter fate.

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