Old vs. New: Beirut is a city full of contrasts

The architectural scene of is interesting. Modern skyscrapers stand tall next to old Lebanese houses and ancient ruins. Some of the Lebanese houses were renovated, others are still covered in bullet holes since the civil war.

#1 This is Downtown where Roman baths casually stand next to modern buildings.

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#2 is all about contrasts.

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#3 The old, the new, and the renovated.

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#4 Lebanon Shot Twice: Then And Now is a photo series that shows during and after the civil war.

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#5 The book gathers 240 photos and 100 stories.

#6 Roman columns standing proud next to Solidere.

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#7 Some of the old buildings were not renovated.

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#8 Beit and Sama . The latter is the tallest skyscraper in .

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#9 Have a look at the color contrasts.

#10 Downtown gathers all types of buildings.

#11 Activists are fighting for the preservation of heritage buildings.

#12 Beit Beirut is a museum that commemorates the

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