Beirut Municipality Is Dumping Garbage Over Recyclable Rubbles

Beirut has turned into rubbles after the mighty explosion at its port. People from around Lebanon are helping Beirut residents and businesses clean up the pieces of their demolished buildings.

As they do, the call is ongoing to ensure the recycling of the debris, considering that most can be reused to fix the damages.

And so, the people have been doing just that as they clean up the city from the rubbles and shattered glasses, collecting the reusable remains.

However, Beirut Municipality has been recorded ignoring that, dumping instead garbage over the rubbles of Mar Mikhail’s abandoned train station.

And the people are furious!

They call out the officials for their lack of consideration and their mismanagement of the debris that should be properly sorted to be used to rebuild Beirut.

“These remains are more valuable than you!” yelled an activist, addressing the officials.

Mar Mikhail is one of Beirut’s districts that was severely impacted by the blast. Many of its buildings have fallen to the ground. And, those that are still standing have lost their windows.

A week after the explosion, Mar Mikhail’s abandoned train station is turning into a dumper of pungent smell drifting into their homes to add to their miseries.

Activists, as heard in these videos, are angrily stating that the site should be used instead for a field hospital, considering its strategic location to several affected districts.

However, it is being turned into a horrible dumpster…

Posts are circulating on social media highlighting the importance of sorting the remains for later use. Materials like glass, aluminum, concrete, and more can be recycled and reused.

The negligence of the authorities is indeed remarkable. Lebanon has been suffering a severe economic crisis and the explosion has now added its tremendous weight to push it further down.

Any and all recyclable pieces of stone and glasses and metal should be considered worth saving to decrease the costs of repairing the wrecked city.

If you are helping with cleaning the streets, urge your group to sort out the debris and send them to recycling companies.

Once again, it’s up to the great people of Lebanon to do things properly.

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