The National Museum Of Beirut Is Facing Severe Blackouts (Video)


Journalist Mariela Rubio uploaded on Twitter a series of videos and pictures featuring one of Lebanon’s most important cultural landmarks, the National Museum of Beirut, completely in the dark.

Due to the “enormous energy crisis,” as stated by Rubio, the National Museum of Beirut is facing severe blackouts, to the point that visitors have to visit with a flashlight and check out pieces with archaeological value in total darkness.

“Lebanon cannot afford an illuminated museum,” Mariela Rubio commented.

This comes at a time when over a million tourists are currently visiting Lebanon.

The Twitter thread brought much attention to Lebanon’s electricity crisis. Many expressed their sadness towards seeing a “beautiful country that is Lebanon fall into this decadent spiral,” as a Twitter user stated.

The National Museum of Beirut is home to thousands of rare objects, from prehistoric times to the Phoenician era and the Mamluk period.

The museum was destroyed many times in the past decades, including during the Civil War. In 2021, the Museum opened its doors again, after being severely hit by the Beirut blast, which destroyed its windows and doors, as well as the security system.

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