Here’s What AI Thinks About People From These 15 Beirut Neighborhoods

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We came across u/waldoplantatious’ adaptation of Vancouver neighborhoods accordingly to Artificial Intelligence and had to expand on it.

We all have our own opinions about the vibrant neighborhoods that bring life to Beirut’s streets. But, have you ever wondered what an AI might say about your favorite part of the city?

Especially after we saw its ability to tell Lebanese jokes and write beautiful poems about Lebanon.

Here are 15 incredible Beirut neighborhoods, according to AI:


The posh and glamorous neighborhood where every building screams, “Look at me, I’m fancy!” Expect luxury boutiques, high-end restaurants, and well-groomed dogs strutting down the streets.

If you can’t afford the lavish lifestyle, don’t worry; you can always window shop and dream of the day when you can buy that ridiculously priced handbag.

Just make sure your French is up to date if you want to chat with the locals since it’s the only language they understand.


The land of hipsters and “I-liked-it-before-it-was-cool” enthusiasts. You’ll find bearded baristas crafting coffee masterpieces, vintage shops selling plaid shirts that have seen more decades than the Queen, and enough tattooed artists to start a living canvas convention.

Don’t be surprised if you’re handed a Polaroid camera upon arrival—it’s the official currency of Hamra.

Just make sure to bring your own portable fan because the coolness factor here is off the charts.


Beirut’s party central. Gemmayzeh is where the night owls flock to. The streets come alive with pulsating music, laughter, and the occasional “YOLO” chant.

Be prepared to dance until the break of dawn and stumble upon random karaoke sessions in hidden bars.

Keep your eyes open for the elusive parking spot, and remember, in Gemmayzeh, parallel parking is considered an Olympic sport.

Mar Mikhael

The land of ever-changing trends. One day it’s the hipster capital with mustache wax and vintage bicycles, and the next day it’s transformed into a haven for yoga enthusiasts and smoothie bowls.

Expect to see walls covered in graffiti that would make Picasso jealous and trendy cafes serving drinks with names you can’t pronounce. Remember to bring your own typewriter—you’re not a real Mar Mikhaelian without one.


The playground of the ultra-rich, where people dress better to go grocery shopping than most of us do for weddings. It’s like stepping into a parallel universe where champagne flows from public fountains, and people sneeze gold flakes.

It’s a place where fashionistas roam the streets, casually sipping their lattes while perfectly balancing shopping bags filled with designer labels. Verdun is the ultimate playground for shopaholics with platinum credit cards. But hey, window shopping is free, right?

Just try not to drool on the Gucci displays, or they might ask you to leave.

Ras Beirut

The intellectual battleground where opinions are louder than car horns. This neighborhood is home to universities, students, and intellectuals trying to solve the world’s problems over a cup of Arabic coffee. Expect heated debates on philosophy, politics, and the meaning of life.

Here, people express their opinions with such passion that you might think they’re auditioning for a reality TV show.

Warning: Entering Ras Beirut may lead to existential crises and a strong desire to wear turtlenecks.

Bourj Hammoud

A bazaar on steroids. Prepare to enter a bustling world of sensory overload, where every street is a riot of sights, sounds, and smells.

You’ll find everything from colorful textiles to knockoff designer handbags and enough street food to satisfy even the hungriest Godzilla. Just make sure you have a GPS tracker to find your way out.

And, don’t be surprised if you end up getting adopted by an Armenian grandma who insists on feeding you more than your stomach can handle.


The place where the city meets the sea, where everyone from bodybuilders to rollerbladers come to show off their skills. Get ready to dodge speeding joggers and navigate through the sea of selfie sticks.

Just make sure not to stare too long at the shirtless dudes flexing their muscles, unless you want to be mistaken for a swooning tourist.


The never-ending brunch party. Join the perpetual celebration of eggs Benedict, bottomless mimosas, and Instagram-worthy avocado toasts.

Here, weekends blend seamlessly into weekdays, and time is measured not by hours but by the number of pancake stacks consumed.

Be warned, though: entering Badaro without stretchy pants is a fashion faux pas of epic proportions.


The land of contradictions and surprises. This southern suburb, often associated with political and social complexity, is also home to bustling markets and mouth-watering street food.

Venture into this maze of alleyways and be ready to taste the best shawarma in town while simultaneously feeling like you’re in a scene from an action movie.

Tariq el Jdideh

The wild west of Beirut. Enter a neighborhood where traffic rules are merely suggestions, and honking is the local language. Cross the street at your own risk, and don’t be surprised if you find a horse-drawn carriage racing alongside a Ferrari.

It’s a place where parallel parking is a mythical art form, and every driver believes they are auditioning for “Fast and Furious 25: Beirut Drift.”

Ras el Nabaa

The neighborhood where street vendors wield their wares like superheroes. Get ready to be lured into a whirlwind of colorful fabrics, and questionable “genuine” designer watches.

It’s a place where you can haggle for a “limited edition” item, only to find the same thing in the next shop, and the one after that, and the one after that.


The kingdom of politicians and never-ending debates. Journey into a neighborhood where politics runs through the veins of every resident, and debates can go on for hours if not days.

It’s a place where you’ll find more campaign posters than trees, and every corner café is a meeting point for passionate discussions. Don’t be surprised if you accidentally stumble upon a political rally while looking for a cup of coffee.

Mina el Hosn

The fisherman’s paradise and the land of the “biggest fish” tales. Enter a neighborhood where the smell of the sea mingles with exaggerated stories of epic fishing expeditions.

If you want to fit in, practice your storytelling skills and prepare to be amazed by tales of sea monsters and legendary catches.


The treasure trove of hidden gems. Step into the flea market wonderland where one man’s trash is another man’s vintage treasure. You’ll find everything from retro furniture to forgotten vinyl records, all waiting for a new home.

Just be prepared to dig through piles of ancient artifacts and negotiate like a seasoned diplomat.

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