Beirut Police Just Seized Around 100 Gallons Of Fuel Stored At A Station


Some people in Lebanon have resorted to selling gasoline on the black market, exploiting the needs and desperation across the country.

Others have seen it more profitable to smuggle gasoline across the border into Syria to make at least 3 times the profit.

Just days ago, the Internal Security Forces (ISF) seized a van carrying a 1,000-liter fuel tank destined for Syria.

These instances have prompted authorities to begin inspecting gas stations that are claiming to be out of fuel in order to withhold gasoline.

On Thursday, Beirut Municipal Police seized around 100 gallons of fuel stored in a gas station and being sold on the black market, LBCI reported.

On the other end of the spectrum, over 140 stations have refused to receive gasoline at all out of fear for the lives of their employees due to the violent clashes occurring daily at gas stations.

The sight of never-ending long queues in the country has not changed in weeks. Rather, a new level of chaos has just begun to unfold as people have started to take matters into their own hands.

On Wednesday, a group of protesters hijacked an Apec fuel tanker transporting gasoline and appropriated the gallons of gas, distributing them among each other.

Similarly, on Thursday, a group of people intercepted a truck transporting milk, another commodity now in crisis in Lebanon, and went distributing the milk to people passing by.

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