The Beirut Port Blast Victims’ Families Were Just Forced To Sign Pledges Not To Repeat “The Act”

Houssam Shbaro | Anadolu

Judge Zaher Hamadeh gave the notice to release all the families of the Beirut Port blast victims after summoning 13 of them this morning for questioning.

They were interrogated at the Barbar Khazen police barracks in Verdun, Beirut, and were forced to sign pledges “not to repeat the act.”

This followed a week-long escalation in protests by mostly the families of the victims over the stalemate and attempted obstruction of the investigation into the Beirut Blast that left 244 people killed.

At one of the protests, people were seen allegedly breaking windows of the Justice Palace out of frustration.

Over the weekend, William Noun, a victim’s brother, was arrested and detained by State Security for allegedly threatening to blow up the Justice Palace if they don’t get justice.

This led to a series of events overnight including multiple road and highway closures in protests and many MPs getting involved to help him. The full recap can be found here.

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