Beirut Port Is Finally Getting 24/7 Electricity

Beirut Port Is Finally Getting 24/7 Electricity
Anadolu Agency

Round-the-clock electricity has been secured for the Port of Beirut after repeated warnings about the risk of damage overshadowing goods stored in its containers.

The news was announced on Wednesday by Bechara Asmar, President of the Lebanese General Labor Union.

In a statement, Asmar said that the calls that had been made with caretaker Public Works and Transport Minister Michel Najjar and caretaker Energy Minister Raymond Ghajar “resulted in supplying the Port of Beirut with electricity 24 hours a day.”

The move was made with the aim of preserving refrigerated containers and avoiding the destruction of imported food products stored in the Port.

Asmar thanked the aforementioned ministers for their speedy response, which, he said, spared Beirut Port “a potential catastrophe.”

Last week, the head of the Syndicate of Importers in Lebanon, Hani Bohsali, warned that the Port of Beirut‘s electricity could cut off at any moment, urging action from the concerned ministries.

The warning echoed another that had been issued a few days earlier about a potential “financial and economic catastrophe” that would result from power outages at Beirut Port.

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