Beirut Ranked 3rd Among The World’s Top Emerging Destinations

In the middle of the chaos, heartbreak, and destruction, it is important to remember the beautiful city the Lebanese are fighting so hard to rebuild. Beirut will always be a top attraction to tourists and visitors, and the world knows it.

The world’s biggest traveling and booking site, TripAdvisor, revealed their top 25 emerging destinations in the world for the year 2020, and Lebanon’s very own capital Beirut ranked 3rd among the top worldwide. 

Following their year-to-year algorithm, Tripadvisor ranks cities worldwide based on positive reviews and an increase in bookings in the designated cities. Reportedly, Beirut was selected as a traveler’s favorite destination for this year.

Yes, Beirut did beat cities in France, Spain, and Japan to rank third right after Kaliningrad in Russia, and Saranda in Albania. Here are a few reasons why.


Lebanon’s architecture has been influenced by various ancient cultures that came once to call Beirut home, from the Greeks to the French, and many others, in addition to the natives of this land, starting with the Phoenicians.

Visitors can stay in one city and, yet, feel like they’ve traveled the world just by strolling through Beirut’s streets taking in its rhapsody of modern and old architecture.

Sure, Beirut got badly hit but the Lebanese are rebuilding it, and we’ll get it back and more.


Another major feature that makes Lebanon such a top attraction is its richness in history with countless of interesting monuments and sites.

Visitors will never get bored in the country as there are so many historical and natural gems to discover, and all within a day trip at the most.


Beirut, the city that never sleeps.

Tourists have always enjoyed Beirut’s lavish lifestyle between clubbing, dining, or even taking a stroll down the Corniche, the city always buzzing with citizens and tourists. No matter the budget, Beirut will live up to its reputation.

Diverse Dining Experience

Tourists can experience authentic Lebanese food and all the world’s cuisines could be found in town in a variety of settings and ambiances.

Lebanon is reputable for its restaurants and top chefs. In fact, a Lebanese restaurant was just nominated for the 2020 World Luxury Award: B By Elefteriades.

A City of Art & Culture

Beirut has it all. Strolling its streets and alleys is a cultural experience in itself, and furthermore by visiting its museums and countless art galleries, all within a short distance.

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And if you are a national of one of these countries, you don’t need to apply for a visa to enter Lebanon.

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