Beirut ranked among top 10 New Year’s Eve celebrations in the world

A major party took place in the beautiful streets of downtown Beirut this past New Year’s Eve.


After New Year’s Eve 2018 success, Beirut brought us the biggest New Year’s Eve 2019 celebration – right in the heart of our beloved capital.

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The festivities took place in La Place De L’Etoile in the center of Beirut Downtown.


This year’s party was huge! We saw performances by Ayman Zbib, DJ Maximus, Andre Soueid, as well as fireworks and shows featured on a special kind of theatrical setting.

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The event started at 4 pm and continued all night long till sunrise – celebrating and welcoming the arrival of the new year. 

This year, Beirut was ranked on National Geographic’s top 10 New Year’s Eve celebrations listing.

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Beirut came in 7th place, right after Madrid, Spain, and followed by Tokyo, Japan.

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In a small paragraph concerning Beirut’s celebration, Nat Geo wrote:

“Each New Year brings a promise of peace in the capital of formerly war-torn Lebanon. Thousands gather to watch the light show on the city’s 1933 art deco clock tower in Nejmeh Square, the heart of central Beirut. At midnight, couples kiss and fireworks burst, shining over a mix of floodlit church steeples and mosque minarets in this eclectic Levantine metropolis.”


The article is updated each year with the new cities that ranked on their top 10 list.

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It’s heartwarming to know that Lebanon made the list alongside countries like the United States, England, France, and Japan.


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Our country’s nightlife was at its peak that night and we managed to prove to the world that Lebanon is a happy, safe and stable country.

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We hope making it on such international lists, that are seen by millions around the world, puts pressure on the country to fix the major pressing issues we are facing!

Mabrouk Lebnen and Happy New Year!

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Beirut ranked among top 10 New Year's Eve celebrations in the world

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