Lebanon’s Raouche Rock Has An Iced Twin In Greenland!

Gerald Macau (Solar News) / Pigeons Rock (Lonely Planet)

A broken iceberg on the Western Coast of Greenland floated over the water of the North Atlantic Ocean, depicting an ice rock that looks exactly like Beirut‘s Raouche Rock.

Due to the rapid melting of ice sheets, two walls of ice appeared on the Disko Bugt (Disko Bay) of Greenland. The two crystal icebergs stood still above the Baffin Bay, a marginal sea of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Upon hearing about the sheared glaciers, photographer Gerald Macau used two tiny boats to cross through the Raouche look-alike iced rock and capture the essence of the scene.

Gerald Macau/ Solent News

Macau used two boats for his photographs. One of the boats was used to determine the size of the mountain and provide a sense of scale. The second boat was used to document, through his lens, the consequences of the melting glaciers.

Macau intended to show the effect of global warming on the polar regions. Global warming is known as the main reason behind the rising sea level and a major reason for the solubility of weak foundations in the glaciers of the region.

Gerald Macau/Solent News

Due to the fragility of icebergs, the iced structures are being easily cracked and parts of them, as giant as mountains, are being separated. This also includes the infamous iceberg that the Titanic ship collided in 107 years ago.

The Greenland iceberg that created the iced Raouche-like rock had the same fate. Global warming has been causing avalanches, and the ice remains are floating in the North Atlantic Ocean of Greenland.

Gerald Macau/Solent News

Nonetheless, the sight of Greenland’s Raouche Rock is admirable at best. The artistic canvas that global warming has painted in the crystal clear sea is too alluring to the eyes.

Macau has confirmed that when glaciers don’t completely melt, they travel towards Canada. “What you see here are huge icebergs which have broken off a glacier,” he explained.

The photographer, along with western media outlets, were left in awe at the sight of the red sailboat that was “dwarfed by a chillingly huge iceberg.” Little do they know that these sailboats are considered daily trips in Lebanon!

Anyone can buy a boat ride around the coast of Raouche, sailing through the bay and underneath the iconic rock. Also known as the Pigeons Rock, Lebanon‘s Raouche Rock stands like a gigantic sentinel and is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

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