Beirut Residents Reported Hearing A Very Loud Aircraft Overhead In The Middle Of The Night


In the very early morning of December 1st, a loud menacing sound of military aircraft rumbled above Beirut, obstructing the quiet stillness of the night.

The bizarre sound raise concerns among those who were awake.

Shortly after the sounds were heard, some accounts on Twitter, such as Intel Sky, reported that the Israeli Air Force was flying overhead from South to North Lebanon.

On Monday, a heavy Israeli presence was detected over the skies of Lebanon, local media reported. Israeli fighter jets were reported flying at low altitudes over various cities, including Beirut.

There were claims that after Israeli aircraft were reported flying low over Lebanon on Monday, the Israeli Air Force continued breaching Lebanese airspace in the very early mornings of December 1st.

However, the truth is still ambiguous. While Israeli did reportedly fly low over Lebanon during the day, it appears it may have not done so at night.

That’s because the National News Agency reported that the Lebanese Air Force will conduct night sorties over the region.

It’s worth noting, however, that people insisted they heard an extremely loud sound like that of a jet. Some said it was also followed by gunfire in the Dahiyeh/Hadath region of Beirut.

A screenshot taken from Polleksandra showing some of many other Beirut residents stating that they heard loud airplane sounds overhead.

In addition, an airport employee told The961 that the LAF aircraft, like the Tucanos, have propellers and would sound much different.

Nevertheless, according to the Lebanese Army, the LAF will fly at night moving between the airbases of Rayak, Hamat, Beirut, and Al-Qlayaat.

Furthermore, Intel Sky and other accounts have since deleted their posts where they claimed that Israeli jets flew above Lebanon. Other Twitter accounts made adjustments as well:

Until now, there is no official statement on whether the loud sound was caused by Lebanese or Israeli aircraft.

On that note, it’s worth mentioning that the U.S.-mediated maritime border negotiations scheduled for Wednesday, December 2nd, were postponed at the request of the U.S. delegation that is taking part in the Lebanese-Israeli talks.

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Beirut Residents Reported Hearing A Very Loud Aircraft Overhead In The Middle Of The Night

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