20 Restaurants In Beirut That Are Now Back In Business After The Blast

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Barely over a month after the massive devastation of the Beirut explosion, several restaurants are back on their feet, thanks to the tremendous efforts of the civil society and communities, and of course the business owners and their staff.

You got to give it to the Lebanese people. They just defy the undefiable. Hundreds of thousands of homes, buildings, restaurants, cafés, centers, and more were destroyed. And many of them are still on the ground as Beirut continues to struggle to survive.

The Food and Beverage industry was already severely affected by the now-notorious Lebanese economic crisis. However, the fight to make it through continues, and the reopening of these places are part of that fight to prevail.

It is a badge of honor on the Lebanese chest and all who are supporting Beirut back to life.

#1 Swiss Butter

Swiss Butter’s Gemmayze branch took a downfall in the blast, but with the help of the community, Swiss Butter Gemmayze is back in business!

#2 SUD Resto Bar

SUD’s Mar Mikhael branch was severely destroyed and will need some more time to reopen. However, its branch Dbayeh has resumed its services last week. You can support them by heading there for a good meal.

#3 Pizza Guys

Pizza Guys is operating again and ensuring deliveries. As they excitedly say, “Gemmayze will rise again!”

#4 Divvy

While their Mar Mikhael branch is under renovation after the blast, Divvy will continue their services in their Broumana, Dbayeh, and Hazmieh branches.

#5 Dunkin’

Another F&B business in Beirut that is full of hope in rising back, and grateful to all the volunteers and staff who helped them rebuild their Sodeco branch. And they’re even sending you love from the heart of Beirut!

#6 Curli Q

We got to say, these restaurants that got so badly hit have strong messages of resilience to convey to the Lebanese as they stand back up to survive.

“We stand in determination, resilience, and resistance for our beloved Beirut,” Curli.Q captioned the announcement of their reopening. (Respect!)

#7 Bartartine

Bartartine is open for business in Achrafieh and Zaitouna Bay. Their branch in Mar Mikhael is still undergoing repairs from the blast.

#8 El-Denye Hek

El Denye Hek is now continuing their services via delivery while their traditional restaurant in Mar Mikhael gets repaired.

#9 Orenda

Orenda in Mar Mikhael has finished repairing its sustained damages and is also back in business.

#10 Makan

Despite the damages it incurred, Makan opens its kitchen as soon as August 8th to stand in solidarity with its neighbors and friends, offering daily meals for free to everyone in need.

The restaurant is now back in operation!

#11 Maryool Beirut

While waiting for their Mar Mikhayel branch to recover, Maryool is now operating at Meat The Fish‘s branch in Saifi and in Faqra.

#12 Skirt

Located in downtown Beirut, Skirt announced was back in operation on August 20th when they announced on Instagram, “We are thankfully back.” That’s thanks to the relentless support of the staff and the volunteers who teamed up to bring the place back together.

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#13 Kahwet Azmi

“We are back and we’ve missed you,” announced Kahwet Azmi this week. Located in Sodeco, this coffee & restaurant place offers a variety of coffee and Lebanese & International cuisines.

#14 Standard Café Bar

Standard Cafe Bar in Gemmayze got itself back together as well and has reopened to the public last week.

In their announcement, they sent a message of compassion and solidarity to their neighbors and friends in their devastated area, and affirmed with the resilience known to the Lebanese: “We are here to stay.”

#15 Husk

Husk in Saifi is back in business as of a week ago… with a message to their clients: “We’ve missed you!” So, Husketerians, head to Husk for a good meal and some solidarity!

#16 Shogun

The Shogun Lounge, which was shattered by the blast, is back, offering its authentic fine Asian cuisine in Beirut.

#17 T-Marbouta

T-Marbouta Restaurant & Cafe in Hamra, known to host cultural events, has reopened its doors as well, and back in business!

#18 The Wok

The Wok in Mar Mikhael is back offering its Chinese cuisine… with a statement: “Despite everything, we will rise again!”

#19 Mac n Cheese

Mac N Cheese, the Italian restaurant where you can build your own pasta dish with its homemade sauces, got its share of damages in Mar Mikhael.

And it’s now back in business!

#20 Meet The Veganz

Meet The Veganz in Mar Mikhael is among the restaurants that opened its kitchen to provide free meals to the affected families and the volunteers assisting on the ground.

Today, they are back in operation and welcoming all Vegan cuisine lovers!