This Store In Beirut Is Giving Out Clothes For Free To Those In Need!

While some people spend a lot of time in front of their closet deciding what to wear, others barely have the ability to even buy new clothes. Cherine Kabbani was once standing in front of her closet and staring at all the clothes that she owns. This young Lebanese journalist felt guilty of the privilege that she has. She decided to collect all the clothes that she no longer needs and give them away to young girls and women. Then, Kabbani wrote a post on Facebook asking people to do the same thing, especially that Ramadan was getting closer and that some people cannot afford to buy new clothes. In fact, she was surprised by the positive reactions of people who donated a lot of clothes. With $1,000 from her own budget and the generosity of some shops that offer laundry services and specialize in

removing body odor from clothing

in Beirut, Kabbani was able to clean and renovate 1,000 pieces of clothing. She used a store that her family owns to store all the clothes and items that she collected. There were approximately 6,000 pieces of clothing in addition to bags, toys, and books. She named the store “Tyeb Al 3id”, and this is its


on Facebook. After realizing that she needed more space and that she has a lot of bills to pay, she contacted a charity called “Wafa” for help. The latter provided her with the exact amount of money that she needed. The store is in Bourj Abi Haidar. Everyone is welcome to help themselves. Saad Hariri liked the initiative and showed his support by donating 3 bags full of clothes. Kabbani hopes that all the politicians will take this step to support this project. Finally, she calls Lebanese people to open their closets for charity which will draw a smile on people’s faces.

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