Beirut Street Art: “Beirut felt like a street art playground for me”

In order to find out more about any city, it is essential to look at its art. Beirut is no exception; a small capital in the heart of the Middle East, this city’s secrets, screams and dreams are all embedded in its street art. Kami is a travel blogger who gave Beirut a chance and decided to write her next articles about it. One of her articles,

Beirut Street Art

, uncovers the artsy and the deep side of Beirut. Let’s dig in!

The famous colorful stairs that are the signature of Beirut

“One of the reasons why I really wanted to visit Lebanon, besides – of course – the amazing food, was Beirut street art scene. Ever since I’ve seen a picture of colorful stairs I knew I want to see them in real life.”

Politics and Art

“As you most likely know not so long ago Lebanon and especially Beirut were torn by the cruel civil war. […] These days the walls of Beirut are still full of political and social slogans like no other place I’ve visited and the bullet holes are transformed to street art pieces.”


“In recent years a very distinctive style was developed on the walls of Beirut – Calligraffti. I’ve never seen it anywhere else but it surely looks beautiful.”

Places where you can find street art in Beirut

According to Kami, the best places where you can find street art in Beirut are Gemmayze and Mar Mikhael. Other cool areas to explore are Hamra, Monot and Sursock! “Beirut felt like a street art playground for me, the city didn’t disappoint at all! It wasn’t the typical street art destination, with lots of beautiful paintings. Instead, the majority of Beirut street art was powerful, made you think and reflect on political and social issues. It really seemed that some sort of revolution is happening on the walls of Beirut.” Read the full article and find more pictures of the street art in Beirut



About Kami

Kami is a solo female frugal traveler from Poland. She is working full time while traveling the world. Kami adores discovering the beaten path places and exploring alternative spots, street art scenes and local cafe cultures.

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