Beirut Sunni MPs Want To Restore Their Community’s Role In Preserving Lebanon’s Unity

El Siyasa

Beirut MPs Fouad Makhzoumi, Nabil Badr, and Imad Al-Hout met in Makhzoumi’s House today where they conferred over the latest developments on the local scene.

They discussed as well Beirut’s crisis, in light of the living and economic crises that Lebanon and the capital are enduring, including water, electricity, waste, and other crises.

The MPs said that “the situation of the Sunni community, which has become necessary to restore its primary role, characterized by preserving Lebanon’s unity,” relies on the role of Dar Al-Fatwa in “unifying Sunni MPs under sovereignty and reform.”

They agreed to “hold a weekly meeting to coordinate and work to fortify the situation of the sect and find solutions to the successive crises that afflict the country.

In addition, they aim to intensify efforts and endeavors within the parliamentary symposium in order to draft and approve bills to secure the interests of citizens and restore the pioneering and developmental role of the Lebanese capital, deeming it a responsibility that has “always” been entrusted to their community.