This Small Shop Served Beirut’s Tastiest Sandwiches For Over 45 years


Hidden in the heart of Achrafieh’s busy streets, Hajj Nasr, a small shop that dates back to the mid-seventies, serves up Beirut’s most delicious Lebanese style sandwiches and wraps. 

Hajj Nasr has been rolling meat and poultry sandwiches since 1975 in his original small shop situated near ABC Achrafieh. If your parents haven’t told you about this tiny gem, then you’re in the right hands!

The handwritten menu consists of sandwiches that are mainly meat and chicken-based, but Hajj Nasr offers cheese sandwiches as well, either kashkaval or traditional halloumi. They’re all wrapped in Lebanese Khebez bread, juiced up with vegetables and pickles.

Hajj Nasr has been serving sandwiches for over four decades. Yet, to this day, he’s still mostly famous for his heavenly Kafta sandwich.

Mainly comprised of minced beef with parsley, onion, and spices, the Kafta sandwich sounds simple, but no words can do its heavenly delicious taste justice.

What makes this Lebanese shop visible from afar is the long queue, as Lebanese people have praised Hajj Nasr for serving mouthwatering sandwiches for years now.

The famous street food eatery used to adopt unusual opening hours. The original branch used to open at 2 AM until quantities last, and closing at 11 in the morning.

However, due to the high demand and popularity the small shop gained, Hajj Nasr expanded with a new branch in Sassine Square, the must-visit Lebanese street food destination is now open all day long.

“Let me tell you my story with Hajj Nasr,” Anthony Rahayel, award-winning Lebanese food blogger wrote.

“I remember this guy, standing seriously behind his counter, preparing hundreds of sandwiches every morning without needing any help or support. I had a funny encounter way before phones and social media became famous.”

The small shop is so famous, it even has its own bingo chart!

You can now visit Hajj Nasr’s newest branch facing Nestle Toll House that’s open between 10 AM and 9 PM.