Beirut’s Uber Drivers On Strike Over Low Ride Fares


Beirut’s Uber drivers announced a three-day strike on Monday, demanding that the company increases its low ride fares to cater to the country’s economic crisis, according to the New Arab.

Approximately more than 60% of Uber drivers will be taking part in the strike where, for the next three days, they will boycott their duties for six hours.

Representative of Beirut Uber drivers Darwish Taha told the New Arab that drivers only obtain 25% of the amount earned per ride. The rest of the money goes towards the company, fuel, and car maintenance.

“Everything has gotten more expensive. But Uber’s prices don’t reflect this. We want the fares to increase,” said Taha to the New Arab.

Lebanon has been facing an economic crisis since 2019, resulting in the devaluation of the Lebanese Lira and the hyperinflation of fuel prices.

The country’s fuel crisis began in 2021 due to fuel shortages caused by Lebanon’s crippling economy and has caused fuel prices to skyrocket significantly within the past year.

The Uber strike is just one of many strikes that have occurred in the past week, including from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lebanon’s judicial assistants, and Ogero’s employees.