7 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Lebanese Village Of Beit Chabab

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Situated in the mountains 24 kilometers north of Beirut is the serene village of Beit Chabab (pronounced “Beit Chabéb”) with a rich bell-making heritage, a passion for craftsmanship, and traditional homes scattered across it.

#1 Its name comes from Syriac origins

Many believe the town’s name to mean “house of young men” when in reality the name comes from the Syriac: “Bet Shebāba” meaning “house of the neighbor”.

#2 It is home to Lebanon’s only bell foundry

The traditional craft of bell founding is believed to have been introduced to Lebanon by the Russians in 1700.

#3 It manufactures bells for the churches in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, and Syria

#4 It is famous for its rich craftsmanship and handcraft industry

In addition to bell-making, Beit Chabab is known for its pottery, weaving, and textile production.

#5 It is surrounded by pine trees

#6 It is full of traditional Lebanese houses

#7 It has specialty dishes like “fatayer banadoura” and “moujadara bel foul”

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