Beit Chabab, Lebanon in 15 amazing photos

Beit Chabab is a village located in Metn. Surrounded by pine trees, it is home to Lebanon’s only bell foundry. Craftsmanship is Beit Chabab’s signature.

The name “Beit Chabab” is Arabic for “house of the young men.” According to the author Anis Freiha, the name has roots in Syriac. “Bet Shebāba” means “house of the neighbor.”

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The pine forest and traditional Lebanese houses give a calm feel to the village.

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Beit Chabab’s bell foundry manufactures bells for the churches in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, and Syria.

This village is also known for pottery, weaving, and textile production.

Beit Chabab is also characterized by its old churches. Saydet El Ghabeh and Mar Antonios Al Kabir were built in the 18th century.

The local specialty is moujadara bel foul!

Old houses are Beit Chabab’s legacy!

Beit Chabab is beautiful any time of the year!

The view is mesmerizing!