Beit Chabab’s Traditional Lebanese Houses In 20+ Beautiful Pictures

Beit Chabab pronounced “Beit ChabΓ©b” is a mountain village 24 km north of Beirut, in Lebanon. It is the site of Lebanon’s only bell foundry. The bells of Beit Chabab are sold to Christian communities in Lebanon and abroad.

It is said that Lebanese emigrants from Beit Chabab to the USA built the town of Youngstown in Ohio and named it after their original village in Mount Lebanon.

Beit Chabab in Arabic means Youngstown in English. It is however originally Syriac, meaning “house of the neighbor”.

The mountain village is famous for its big number of old typical Lebanese houses. Square houses with red tiles rooftops and stone walls – which is a Lebanese architecture signature, are all over this picturesque town.

This mountain village is also known for pottery, weaving, and textile production. That is why it has always been significantly built and populated.

A large number of old houses have been, or are in the process of being, renovated. They are a part of our heritage and should be preserved and treated with respect.

Beit Chabab is also characterized by its old churches. Saydet El Ghabeh and Mar Antonios Al Kabir were built in the 18th century.

These traditional houses are Beit Chabab’s legacy, and also Lebanon‘s.

The village is also known for its beautiful weather, both in summer and winter.

Lebanese people who have Beit Chabab as their hometown show a real remarkable love connection with the region.

The narrow streets of Beit Chabab feels romantically homey.

If their old stones could speak, they would have so many love and family stories of past eras to tell…

The view from the village is also amazing, as the mountains and the sky form a beautiful landscape.

…and even down to the beautiful Mediterranean sea of Lebanon!

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Beit Chabab's Traditional Lebanese Houses In 20+ Beautiful Pictures

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