Beit Meri, Lebanon in 15 amazing photos

Beit Meri is a beautiful village surrounded by pine forests in Metn. It overlooks Beirut and offers a nice view of the neighboring towns.

The name “Beit Meri” is Syriac for “the house of the lords.”

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This village was a popular destination since the times of the Phoenicians and later the Romans. It is home to ancient ruins.

The historic Maronite monastery of Saint John the Baptist, also known as Deir El Qalaa, was built in 1750.

It was built on the remains of the temple of Baal Markadi which was a Phoenician god.

The temple once matched the grandeur of Baalbek’s temples.

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You can also find the following churches in this town: Mar Elias, Mar Sassine, and Mar Geryes.

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The weather in Beit Meri is mild which makes it a perfect destination in summer.

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It’s a getaway for adventurers and nature lovers. Beit Meri is surrounded by pine forests where people can hike or camp.

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Bustan International Festival attracts tourists in summer. It features music and performances.

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You must visit Beit Meri!

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