Here’s The Full List Of Who’s Running In the Bekaa III (Baalbek-Hermel) District In Lebanon’s Elections


Updated April 29, 2022*

Lebanon’s elections are well known for their intricate political schemes and unorthodoxies.

In this election, and with the rise of revolutionary youths driven by the existential need for deep change in the political arena, many traditional parties are reorganizing their electoral skills for one more fateful blow against any tangible change shimmering under the debris.

Lebanon comprises 9 electoral districts, each with a varying number of seats for sectarian representation. Here’s the list of all the candidates and their electoral coalitions in the Bekaa III district (Baalbek, Hermel) for a more detailed look at the status quo:

Note: In the list below, LF stands for the Lebanese Forces Party of Samir Geagea, and Amal for the Amal Movement of Nabih Berri.

Candidate NameSectElectoral List
Elie Mawsouf BitarGreek CatholicBuilding the State (LF)
Antoine HabshiMaroniteBuilding the State (LF)
Abbas Hassin Al – JawhriShiaBuilding the State (LF)
Heymen Abbas McheikShiaBuilding the State (LF)
Hussein Ali RaadShiaBuilding the State (LF)
Rachid Ali IssaShiaBuilding the State (LF)
Ramez Nasser AmhazShiaBuilding the State (LF)
Rifaat Nayef al MasryShiaBuilding the State (LF)
Saleh Mohammed el-ShallShiaBuilding the State (LF)
Zidane Mohammed HojeiriShiaBuilding the State (LF)
Michel George MhannaGreek CatholicCapable
Daher Sadek AmhazShiaCapable
Mohamed Hassin JabbawiShiaCapable
Sarah Mansour ZaiterShiaCapable
Samer Asaad el-TomGreek CatholicHope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Aaqid Hanna HadshetiMaroniteHope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Ali Al-MiqdadShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Ghazi Zeaitar        Shia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Hussein Hajj HassanShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Ibrahim Al-MoussawiShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Ihab HamadehShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Jamil Mohammed al-SayedShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Melhem Mohammed HojeiriSunni Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Yanal Mohammed SolhSunni Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Abdullah Faraj AadGreek CatholicIndependents Against Corruption
Chawki Tannous FakhryMaroniteIndependents Against Corruption
Al-Sayed Ahmed Al-Sayed ShakerShia Independents Against Corruption
Hani ShamasShia Independents Against Corruption
Hassan Tawfik MazloumShia Independents Against Corruption
Hussein Ali DarwishShia Independents Against Corruption
Imad NasreddineShia Independents Against Corruption
Ahmed Shehadeh CarnabySunniIndependents Against Corruption
Ali Abdel HamidSunniIndependents Against Corruption
Talal MakdisiGreek Catholic The Coalition for Change
Yousef Melhem FakhryMaroniteThe Coalition for Change
Abbas Mohammed YaghiShia The Coalition for Change
Ali Hussein Abi RaadShia The Coalition for Change
Osama ChamasShia The Coalition for Change
Sami Medhat ToufayliShia The Coalition for Change
Sharif Samir SleimanShia The Coalition for Change
Khaled Ali SolhSunniThe Coalition for Change
Mohamed Mahmoud HojeiriSunniThe Coalition for Change
Hassan Mohamed MasryShiaTribes and Families for Development
Medhat Rushdie ZeaiterShiaTribes and Families for Development
Mohammed Deeb Haidar OsmanShiaTribes and Families for Development
Shahrazd Ali HamiyehShiaTribes and Families for Development
Ali Kleib el-MawlaSunni Tribes and Families for Development
Mohammed Ahmed FlitiSunni Tribes and Families for Development

* Editorial note – April 29, 2022: Reports reached 961News that 3 Lebanese Forces’ candidates cited above have withdrawn their candidacy despite that the official withdrawal deadline has passed. These are Rifaat Nayef El-Masri, Ramez Nasser Amhaz, and Haimen Abbas Mcheik from the electoral list “Building the State.”

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