20 Pictures That Show Off Bekaa’s Glory In Lebanon

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The Bekaa Valley is a large region of inner Lebanon. It has three districts: West Bekaa, Zahle, and Rashaya. Each district has several of its own towns and villages.

Away from the coast, the region is not heavily populated, meaning it has less pollution and more natural lands. Bekaa is full of farmlands and agricultural fields and is probably where a lot of your fresh produce, labneh, and cheese come from.

West Bekaa 

West Bekaa is known for its large open spaces and gorgeous wide fields. So open and wide that car company GMC filmed a commercial here. 

Aïtanît is a village in West Bekaa. It is populated by mostly the elderly since other locals have moved to the cities for better jobs.

With a small population, this village is untouched heaven, overlooking the stunning Qaraoun lake.


Despite losing its original richness of marshes and lakes, Ammiq remains the largest freshwater wetland in Lebanon.

This area proves to be an important habitat for various creatures. Twenty different types of birds were recorded here. Ammiq was turned into a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 2005. 


Taanayel is a village in the Zahle district not too far from the main city of Zahle. Just like most of the Bekaa region, it has gorgeous sceneries any time of year.

In Taanayel, you can enjoy nature, do some fun activities like horse riding, take long walks, or feed the ducks at the Taanayel lake

Qabb Ilyas  

This is the third-largest city in Bekaa. It is home to the Haidara Ruins, which once had a mirror on the building to reflect sunlight into the village. Hence it became known as the ‘Sun Temple’.

Oyoun Orghosh 

East of Lebanon’s highest peak Qornet es-Sawda, this lake sits peacefully surrounded by bare land. Actually, the word “Oyoun” (plural) means springs, and it gained this name due to the many springs there. 

It is barely populated. There are only a few houses here and there and, of course, restaurants for the tourists! 

Aïn Herché

This village is in the Rashaya district, south of the Bekaa governorate. It is near the Syrian border, and on the east of Mount Hermon. 

A Roman temple of Ain Harcha was built here, and it fits into the landscape perfectly. 

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