Bangladeshi Woman Was Just Found Choked To Death In Lebanon

Bengali Woman Was Just Found Choked To Death In Lebanon

A Bengali woman has been found dead inside a farm stay in the locality of Sahl Ad-Damour in Lebanon, security forces said on Wednesday.

On March 11th, Arida Abu Alema Bigum, 38, was found dead with a piece of cloth in her mouth, and $653 was found hidden inside a sock, the Internal Security Forces (ISF) said in a statement.

Security forces launched an investigation that involved listening to the testaments of the victim’s husband and her acquaintances, all of whom are Bengali nationals.

The investigations in Damour generated suspicion of a local, identified as 40-year-old “B.R.,” who was detained on Monday. At the time of his arrest, he had been packing his bags, preparing to leave for Syria, the statement said.

Upon being interrogated and presented with the evidence that proves his involvement in the crime, B.R. admitted that he had killed the victim.

The ISF quoted him as saying that while Bigum’s husband was away from home, he attempted to rob her and demanded that she gives him her savings but was met with refusal.

Then, fearing that his identity would be exposed, he choked her to death using a piece of cloth. He also admitted that he had removed Bigum’s clothes after killing her in an attempt to suggest that the crime was committed as a result of rape.

The detainee was accordingly handed over to the competent judicial authority.

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