Berri’s Amal Movement Just Protested Against Corruption… No, We’re Not Kidding

decided to spend their Monday morning this week ‘protesting’ against corruption in Lebanon

Roughly a few dozens of people attended the protest, carrying the party’s flag, and putting up a picture of their leader and speaker of the house, .

Worth noting that not a single Lebanese flag was seen in that protest, aside from that on the building’s flag pole.

Supporters of Amal, along with Hezbollah, have been seen this past year attacking people attending protests of the Lebanese revolution. Those protests consisted of Lebanese of all sects against the widespread corruption in the country and demanding accountability.

Berri’s parliamentary security, a force under his direct orders and can’t be held accountable, has been seen countless times attacking those protesting the system and its corruption.

is a Muslim Shia political party that was active in the Lebanese civil war and is currently in government, with 17 seats in parliament and a total popular vote of just 204,211.