Nabih Berri Called On People Not To Shoot As A Result Of The Parliament Election Session


The Speaker of the Parliament, Nabih Berri, had announced that the session of the newly elected parliament body will take place tomorrow, May 31, at 11:00 am.

Accordingly, Berri issued an appeal calling on the Lebanese people in all regions to absolutely refrain from shooting during the revival of any festive event, especially the one related to the election of the parliament’s body tomorrow.

In his appeal, he mentioned that the bullets fired in the air have previously transformed joy into sadness and further harmed people’s lives and properties.

He asked all the Lebanese to be with their people in this difficult circumstance and to be keen on strengthening their civil peace and protecting their lives and property.

This parliamentary session holds great importance as the members of the newly elected parliament will cast their votes for a Head of Parliament and its deputy, along with the council’s bureau committee.

With the newly elected MPs from the forces of change, and some traditional parties having vowed to oust Berri from his 30-year position, this election session could materialize differently than its previous ones.

The session will be public and will be broadcast live, according to MTV.

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