Nabih Berri Doesn’t Mind Nominating A Non-Shiite As Head Of Parliament


During an interview with Al Jomhouria, Lebanon’s Speaker of the Parliament and Head of the Amal Movement, Nabih Berri, commented that he does not mind electing a non-Shiite speaker of the parliament.

Some of the newly-elected MPs expressed the need to give a chance to anyone outside of the Shiite religion to be a Speaker of The Parliament.

This means a way to rotate all high positions, including the Head of Parliament, the Prime Minister, and the Presidency, for all Lebanese sects.

Nabih Berri, who has been holding his position since 1992 and has been just reelected as a parliamentarian, said that “this means starting to implement the abolition of sectarianism, which I have been calling for for a long time. So, it does not provoke me.”

When asked about his candidate for the position of vice-president of the council to succeed Elie Ferzli, Berri confirmed that the choice belongs to “whoever is chosen by the deputies. I will welcome him and cooperate with him.”

However, political sources close to Hezbollah and Amal Movement, stressed for the MPs “to pay attention to the fact that they have become deputies and are no longer protesters in the streets, and therefore have to approach things with balance away from political and constitutional acrobatics.”

The reformists will now start working to change the ongoing sectarian system that has been present in Lebanon since the establishment of its republic based on the division of power among the sects.

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