Lebanese Parliament Just Gave A Month Vacation To Its Staff & Contractors

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The Beirut port explosion has brought a terrible disaster on an already struggling Lebanon.

A humongous amount of work is needed on all levels and in all sectors in order to lift the capital back on its feet, with all that it means of repair, reconstruction, ensuring relief, and you name it.

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One would expect that the state will be full-on using all its human and material resources and tripling and quadrupling its work to manage and deal with this catastrophe.

Surprisingly, the head of the parliament announced instead that he’s giving one month paid vacation to the employees, the contractors, and also the hired staff of the parliament.

The reason for his decision is unclear, yet it brings to question whether the state has or not a plan to save Lebanon and its capital.

According to the official document, the month will be deducted from their accumulated vacation days.

If that’s the point of this decision, it really comes at a highly improper time considering the status quo of the capital.

Source: LBCI

Meanwhile, the people in Lebanon are not taking any vacation, not even resting, working instead relentlessly to undertake what the officials and government-paid contractors should be doing.

People of all ages, including the youth and the minors and the elders, have been on the ground, cleaning up, cooking, distributing food, repairing, rebuilding, and taking care of those who are now homeless.

And, naturally, the Lebanese are very unhappy with this decision and are expressing it openly on social media.

But many are also asking, “Why now?”

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