Berri Warns “No Political Protection” to those Harming Lebanon’s Unity

According to reports by LBC, Lebanon’s Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri asserted in a statement on Wednesday, December 18, that there is no political or regulatory “protection” provided for anyone who harms Lebanon’s unity and civil peace. He called on Lebanon’s military and security forces to carry out their roles and prosecute those who break the law amid this presumably peaceful revolution.


Berri’s statement was re-iterated by MP Ali Bazzi during the weekly meeting with Members of Parliament in Ain el-Tineh.

Bazzi went on to further quote Berri in saying that the governmental crisis needs concessions, calling on officials to “work with national responsibility in mind, and not to undermine the severity of the situation if it continues as it is or escalates further.”

In that regard, we get to wonder if Mr. Berri meant by his statement that the attackers on peaceful protesters will be now ‘prosecuted’ and that the Wall of Shame, which “harms Lebanon’s unity” after all, will be dismantled.


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