There Will Be Another Attempt To Elect Lebanon’s President Within 2 Weeks

The Lebanese Parliament today, September 16, in its session discussing the country’s budget for 2022, agreed to triple the salaries of public sector employees, including soldiers, retirees, and contractors, as part of social assistance.
Lebanese Parliament

Parliament speaker Nabih Berri announced that he will call the MPs to another election session before mid-October in order to elect a president during the constitutional period that ends by the end of this month.

At the end of the first election session last Thursday, the parliament had failed to elect a president.

122 members were present out of the 128 members of the parliament. 63 MPs cast blank ballots, and MP Michel Moawad received the most votes with 36 ballots while Murex co-founder Salim Edde received 11 votes.

Berri called on everyone to “take responsibility for this deadline.”

The Parliament speaker also reiterated his calling for consensus, underlining that “an agreement is not the same as obtaining the consent of the 128 deputies.”

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