12 Best Bookstores in Lebanon for Bibliophiles

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Lebanon’s vibrant literary scene offers a treasure trove of bookstores that cater to bibliophiles of all tastes. From quaint independent shops to well-stocked giants, here are 12 of the best bookstores in Lebanon for book lovers to explore:

1. Antoine Bookstore

A beloved chain with branches across the country, offering a wide selection of books in various languages.

2. Philosophia Library

A cozy gem in Beirut, known for its carefully curated collection and friendly atmosphere.

3. Virgin Megastore

A go-to destination for book and entertainment enthusiasts, featuring a vast array of titles.

4. Halabi Bookshop

Located in Beirut, this historic bookstore is a haven for bookworms seeking rare and vintage editions.

5. Librairie Stephan

A family-owned bookstore in Beirut, famous for its diverse collection and personalized service.

6. Curl Book & Coffee Shop

Combining a cafe and bookstore, it’s the ideal spot to enjoy a cup of coffee while browsing literary gems.

7. Onleen Bookstore

A community space in Ansar that hosts book clubs, readings, and events for literature enthusiasts.

8. Dreamers Bookshop Cafe

Nestled in the artistic heart of Beirut, this shop offers a curated selection of books.

9. Malik’s

Malik’s Lebanon

Known for its wide range of academic and reference books, catering to students and professionals.

10. The Circle Bookshop

A charming bookstore in Beirut with a delightful collection of novels and poetry.

11. Little Dreamers Bookshop

A reputable choice for textbooks, stationery, and academic materials, serving students and educators.

12. Thinkers

Buy a book and enjoy a cup of hot coffee at this Lebanese hidden gem.

Explore these bookstores across Lebanon and immerse yourself in the world of literature and culture.

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