14 Best Lebanese Blogs & Websites You Should Follow In 2017

After receiving quite a bit of feedback and suggestion from 2016

Lebanese Blogs article

, we decided to make the list of the best Lebanese blogs more extensive this year!

Best Lebanese Blogs and Websites

Best Lebanese blogs and websites based on popularity:

#1 The961

The961 (this site) has become the fastest growing and most popular

Lebanese site after launching only 6 months ago

. The961 offers engaging Lebanese content for local Lebanese as well as for the Lebanese diaspora living aboard. Our mission is to promote Lebanon and show its positive side as much as possible.

#2 A Separate State of Mind

Elie Fares, the Lebanese-American behind this blog, truly masters quality over quantity. When Elie finally writes an article, you know it’s going be well written and extremely well articulated. His articles often express what many of us are thinking. The blog was launched in 2011 and covers many local Lebanese issues as well as international issues.

#3 Blog Baladi

Blog Baladi is run by Najib and is one of the most popular Lebanese blogs. He offers commentary on everything happening in Lebanese society. He also has a section called Blog Waladi, which follows his young son.

#4 NoGarlicNoOnions

Another quality Lebanese website that offers food and travel experiences. It was launched in 2012 by Anthony Rahayel. They produce short videos as well, exploring the hidden gems of Lebanon outside of the mainstream places we know.

#5 Lebtivity

Lebtivity is a Lebanese website that curates all events happening in Lebanon. This is the place to go to plan a night out or a trip. You get to pick events and create a personalized event schedule. These include cultural, musical, culinary events as well as conferences and exhibitions.

#6 plus961

No affiliation to us, despite similar names. Plus961 is a blog run by Rami, offering updates, information and reviews from around Lebanon.

#7 Newsroomnomad

Newsroom Nomad is run by Nadine Mazloum, born in Australia and raised in Lebanon. She’s a multimedia journalist, editor, and blogger. She has worked as a news editor and resident blogger for


. She explores topics of news, environment and wellbeing.

#8 Gino’s Blog

Gino brings you everything you “love and hate about Beirut” but also of Berlin, Germany. He recently announced on his blog that he will be shifting the direction of his blog. As the blog his 7 years old, he will soon start covering fun things to do in Lebanon.

Up-and-coming Lebanese Blogs and Websites

These include the best Lebanese blogs and sites that were either recently launched or have relatively low traffic (but deserve more).

#9 The Circular Triangle

The Circular Triangle was launched late 2016 by Vanig Bostanian, a Lebanese-Armenian mechanical engineer.

A blog that talks about anything that is right, wrong, beautiful, or ugly in the society.

#10 Khalifestyle

Khalifestyle was created by George Khalife and offers inspiring and motivating content.

I am passionate about motivating, inspiring, and changing lives. I decided to create my own website to share articles and videos that will help you become the best version of yourself.

#11 Beirutista

Beirutista was launched by Danielle Issa, a Lebanese-American, who recently moved to Lebanon. Her blog followers her settlement in Lebanon through various topics ranging from restaurant reviews to foodie discoveries, rants, views, and memoirs.

#12 Pow Photos

Pow is the only Lebanese blog that offers news and highlights through photos. Pow posts anywhere from 10 to 12 pictures each week of the most important and interesting events going on in Lebanon and around the world. The Lebanese pictures are posted every Wednesday and the international ones are every Monday.

#13 My Beirut Chronicles

Claude El Khal’s blog cover everything about society, culture and politics. The blog contains articles in both English and French.  

Recommended Lebanese Blogs and Websites

This is the best Lebanese blog that we recommend:

#14 Bank of Beirut Blog

The Bank of Beirut Blog offers financial education and personal finance tips in both English and Arabic. I find extremely important since Lebanese people (and basically every single person on earth) should be learning this stuff. I really think personal finance should be taught in schools. But until then, Bank of Beirut’s blog will teach you what you need to know!