Your guide to Fairouz’s best movies and plays!

Fairouz is a fantastic singer and a remarkable actress. She starred in iconic musicals that are the legacies of Lebanon’s entertainment industry.

Jisr El Amar (1962)

The play follows the story of two enemy villages that are separated by a bridge called “The Moon’s Bridge.”One day, the chief of one of the villages witnesses the apparition of a spellbound young woman on the bridge. She begs him to save her which could only be done through love.

Al Layl Wal Qandil (1963)

Mantoura, who is played by Fairouz, is a young villager who is responsible for guarding a shop where the villagers sell lanterns. It’s their only source of income. One day, a thief distracts Mantoura and steals a large lantern which was designed by her family to light the whole village.

Biyya3 El Khawatem (1964)

This musical is about a mayor of a small town that tells the villagers that there is a (fictitious) person named Rabi3 who is the enemy of the village. Later, two people from the town start stealing and damaging property while blaming Rabi3. One day, a stranger named Rabi3 comes to the village.

Ayyam Fakhreddine (1966)

This play is based on real events that happened at the beginning of the 17th century. It follows the story of Fakhreddine who returned to Lebanon five years after being exiled. He promised people to make Lebanon better. The prince chose a female singer to stand by his side and reunite people with patriotic songs. His actions were opposed by a foreign power.

Safar Barlik (1967)

This film is based on real events that happened when Lebanon was under the Ottoman rule in World War I. Safar Barlik portrays what the Lebanese people had to endure at that time.

Sah El Nawm (1970)

The play follows the story of a careless king who wakes up once a month to sign documents with the official stamp. One day, he wakes up, signs documents and ignores the girl’s request for help. Later, he goes and lays under a tree. The young girl decides to sing to him in order to put him to sleep. She steals the official stamp and starts stamping all the important proposals which made her village flourish like never before.

Natourit Al Mafatih (1972)

This play is about a selfish king. One day, everyone left the country and handed the keys to their houses to a trustworthy young lady. The king demands the keys; however, the girl refuses and convinces him that a kingdom without its people is not worth anything.

Mais El Reem (1975)

The play is about a girl whose car broke down while she was on her way to her mother’s village. While her car was getting fixed, a feud started between two families. She somehow ended up involved in the dispute and decides to solve in her own way.

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