5 Best Things To Eat For Suhoor in Ramadan

Before starting a long day of fasting, some Muslims like to have a light snack before dawn. Making smart food choices during this time can go a long way in making or breaking your day.

#1 Fruits & Veggies

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Fruits or vegetables are perfect for suhoor. They’re hydrating, full of beneficial nutrients, and can keep you feeling energized during the day. Dried fruits are also a Ramadan favorite!

#2 Proteins Foods

Think of breakfast proteins. Eggs, turkey, cheese, labneh; have whatever you’re in the mood for! You can make it work with your choices of fruits and veggies. For example, a preferred summer suhoor is watermelon and halloumi.

#3 Bread & Cereals

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Make yourself a sandwich or a bowl of oatmeal for a quick and easy suhoor. Pro-tip: Complex carbs are great for keeping you full for longer, so opt for whole wheat!

#4 Yogurt or Milk


Milk or yogurt are calcium-rich, easily accessible, and can help you stay hydrated.

#5 Water

And of course, water before fasting. Make sure you keep drinking enough water from iftar until suhoor time to rehydrate your body. Avoid salty foods that can make you feel thirsty during the long day of fasting.

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