9 Reasons Why Bicycle Culture Is Thriving In North Lebanon

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Bicycle riding in Lebanon has seen a comeback in the past couple of years. In northern cities like Batroun and Tripoli, it is no longer uncommon to see bike riders striding down the main streets. Here’s a couple of reasons why it’s gaining so much momentum (yes, I made a pun).

#1 It’s Cost-Efficient

Let’s face it: Buying a bike is way cheaper than driving a car. You don’t have to pay thousands to get a good reliable bike. You don’t ever have to pay gas! The only issue may be biking in the rain, but there’s rain gear specially made for that.

#2 You Don’t Need A License

Biking is nice, especially for young adults who don’t have to wait until they get their license to move from point A to point B. Plus, no police is going to stop you for speeding.

#3 Not Getting Stuck In Traffic

Lebanon’s streets are infamous for their traffic jams. With a bike, you can swiftly ride past traffic and get to your destination without delay.

#4 Bike Rentals Services

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Ride #Life, Ride #Giant. #Buycycle #Tripoli

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In places like Batroun and Tripoli, there are special booths where you can rent bicycles daily, weekly, or monthly. This makes “owning” a bike very convenient as you can pay as you go.

#5 Tripoli Has Its Own Bicycle Mayor

The Amsterdam-based association BYCS appoints Bicycle Mayors around the world. It has created a global network of catalysts who work hard to make their city more bike-friendly and promote biking as an alternative form of transportation. Beirut has one, and now Tripoli does too!

#6 The Terrain Is Flat

In North Lebanon, namely Tripoli, the land is not hilly or mountainous. The flat land makes it very easy for biking smoothly throughout the city.

#7 Convenient Parking

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A step closer to achieving our mission in seeing #TripoliCarFreeCity and with the help and support of family, friends and a wonderful community that is surrounding us. VeloRoute have been working lately on a series of bike parkings. The first prototype is now ready to be used at @newtownlb one of many and the first to support our cause, always remembering them saying #MakeTripoliGreatAgain so lets all do that ! This prototype fits up to 8 bikes with the shape of a car, a small reminder of the space that we occupy when driving. Lets all join forces to help save energy, reduce traffic jams and pollution. #طرابلس_عالبسكليت_احلى #TripoliCarFreeCity Where do you see Tripoli in 5 years and what are you doing to make that happen ? . . خطوة أقرب لنحقق مهمتنا تنشوف طرابلس مدينة خالية من السيارات. ‏VeloRoute الها فترة عم تشتغل على مواقف بسكليتات لتسهيل و للتشجيع على استعمال البسكليت و لتجميل شوارع مدينتنا. بمساعدة و دعم المجتمع لي حوالينا يلّي اكتر من رائع. أول نموذج صار جاهز للإستعمال و هو موجود قدام Newtown Coffee – Specialty Roasters يلّي هن من السبّاقين بدعمنا و تشجيع رؤيتنا. هيدا النموذج بيستوعب ٨ بسكليتات و هو على شكل سيارة للتذكير بالمساحة يلي نحن منشغلها من خلال استخدامنا للسيارة. يلّا كلنا نشتغل على تخفيف التلوث و عجقة السير عن طريق توفير الطاقة تنحافظ على مدينتنا و كوكبنا. #طرابلس_احلى_عالبسكليت وين بتشوفو طرابلس بعد ٥ سنين؟ و شو عم تعملو لتحقيقو هيدا الشي ؟ . . . . #tripolilb #veloroutelb #cycling #urban #lebanon #bike #velo #bikeparking #livelovebike #livelovetripoli #bikefriendly #cityofbikes #cyclinglife #lifestyle #morethanbike

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You don’t need to look far for parking spots, especially since North Lebanon has been working to make dedicated parking for bicycles.

#8 It’s Trendy and Aesthetic

There’s a cool feeling that comes with riding a bicycle that makes trendy.

#9 It’s Freeing & Healthy

Maybe it’s the wind in your hair, the cool breeze on your skin, or the possibility to move around and through without inconvenience. One thing is sure: You feel free. Plus, it’s a stress-reliever and a great form of exercise.

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