A Biker Was Just Injured Trying To Intercept A Candidate’s Vehicle

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E-day, on Sunday, has come with numerous clashes, problems., and chaos.

According to the state-run National News Agency (NNA), a person on a bike was just injured in Sir El-Denniyeh in North Lebanon.

The incident happened when the bike tried to intercept the car of a candidate’s representative in the town.

As he then tried to escape, the delegate hit him with his car, and the injured man was taken to a policeman in the area.

The Lebanese authorities had issued measures to avoid trouble by bikers on motorcycles, banning their use on election day on all Lebanese grounds and until Monday morning.

A mood of nationwide unrest has been remarkable on May 15, with a series of clashes, assaults, and fights between different political parties.

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A Biker Was Just Injured Trying To Intercept A Candidate's Vehicle

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