Bikers Rode From Various Lebanese Areas To Support Breast Cancer Patients

Dozens Of Bikers Rode Around In Lebanon To Raise Awareness About Breast Cancer
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In Sidon, a group of bikers held a charity event wherein they raised awareness about breast cancer in Lebanon and raised funds for patients suffering from it.

The event, organized by the Ladies of Harley and H.O.G. Lebanon Chapter, in commemoration of the current Breast Cancer Awareness Month, aimed at highlighting the importance of early detection.

The bikers, who numbered in the dozens and came from various Lebanese areas, roamed southern roads while wearing the pink ribbons of the international breast cancer awareness movement.

The awareness-raising event concluded with a fundraiser held at Zahret Al-Laymoun restaurant to help two patients with advanced breast cancer and support a medical center in Sidon, South Lebanon.

The first patient is in her third decade of life and has children; her husband is a day laborer, and the cost of her monthly treatment is approximately six million Lebanese pounds, said Dr. Ahmad Othman, an expert in Hematology and Oncology.

The second patient, who is in the fifth decade of life, also suffers from advanced breast cancer, and the cost of her treatment is “very high,” added Dr. Othman, who spoke and offered breast-cancer-related medical advice at the gathering.

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“Both patients have no guarantors to help them, so you can be confident that the money provided will go to people who deserve it,” he concluded.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (pinktober) starts every year on October 1st and ends on the last day of the month.

In Lebanon, the economic and financial crisis has made it extremely difficult for many people to cover their own cancer treatment or that of their loved ones, as well as for hospitals to continue offering their medical services.

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