Biometric IDs To Be Used In The 2018 Elections!

For the 2018 parliamentary elections, Lebanese people will use biometric IDs to vote. On Sunday, the Cabinet agreed that the Lebanese identification cards will be replaced by biometric IDs. In fact, these cards will allow Lebanese nationals from the Diaspora to participate in the elections. This will ease the process of elections. Voters will be able to vote outside of their hometowns. In addition to that, a statement will be sent to all Lebanese embassies which states the way in which the Lebanese Diaspora can vote. Also, Lebanese expats can register electronically. This is a great initiative that will help Lebanese expats to stay in touch with Lebanon.


Last Friday, President Michel Aoun appointed 11 members that will be part of the electoral supervising committee, which are:

  • Judge Nadim Abdel-Malek – President
  • George Mourani – Vice President
  • Aouni Ramadan
  • Andre Sader
  • Nouhad Jaber
  • Philippe Abi Akel
  • Moufac al-Yafi
  • Sylvana Al-Lakkis
  • Atallah Ghshem
  • Karin Geagea
  • Arda Kamkaji


The last time Lebanese people voted was in 2009. In fact,

three extensions of the Lebanese Parliament

took place. The excuse for the first extension was that the instability brought by the Syrian civil war in Lebanon makes an extension necessary. The second extension was approved because there was a presidential vacuum. As for the third one, it got postponed for technical reasons since the voting system has changed.

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