This Hidden Gem In Akkar, Lebanon Should Be Your Top Destination This Summer


Akkar is one of the most famous districts of Lebanon, rich in cultural, natural, and historical sights.

Bkarzla (also called Bakarzala or Boukarzala) is one of the many different villages in the district of Akkar, North of Lebanon.

The waterfalls of Bkarzla are one of the most mesmerizing gems of Akkar, for the heavy flow and clean waters of this river stem from the northern parts of Akkar.

The waterfalls of Bkarzla are surrounded by various restaurants and cafes as well as different kinds of trees and greeneries that embellish this natural sight.

Local people from Bkarzla and Akkar are always seen gathered on the shores of the waterfall to swim and jump.

They advise other people coming from cities and other villages to only perform these activities if they are skilled dippers, for the heavy flow can be dangerous.

Whether you are tempted to dive into the waters of Bkarzla’s river and waterfall or you simply want to enjoy its mesmerizing beauty, make sure you visit this natural sight as well as its neighboring restaurants for an unforgettable experience.

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