A Blast Just Took Place In South Lebanon

LCBI News/Credit: Unknown

On Monday afternoon, the loud sound of a blast was heard coming from the outskirts of the southern Lebanese town of Jbaa.

Preliminary reports claimed that the sound was from an explosion that took place at a base belonging to Hezbollah. According to the same sources, Hezbollah militants immediately cordoned the town after the blast occurred.

At the time of writing, the cause of the explosion is still not known.

The head of the municipality of Jbaa confirmed to Al-Nahar that a small explosion had indeed occurred, but that authorities were not able to locate the site of the explosion.

He added that there are remnants of cluster bombs in the area so it is possible that an animal detonated it and said that “there are no Hezbollah centers in that area.”

Additionally, Hezbollah sources were cited attributing the cause of the explosion to military activity by the Lebanese army. However, military sources informed Al-Jadeed that the army was not carrying out military maneuvers in that area.

The military source added that the army did not have information about an explosion in the South.

The incident is reminiscent of the time an explosion occurred in the southern village of Ain Qana, which was denied to have any link to Hezbollah.

It was then reported that it took place at an arms depot affiliated with Hezbollah that stores leftover weapons from previous wars.

The explosion was attributed to a “technical error” and reports about injuries were conflicting.

According to a Hezbollah spokesperson back then, no one was killed or harmed, whereas a security source revealed that there were four casualties. In fact, a Hezbollah member was reported to have died from injuries sustained in the blast.

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