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A Woman Just Woke Up From Coma One Month After The Explosion (Video)

With hundreds of people dead, thousands injured, and hundreds of thousands rendered homeless, people are still trying to process the aftermaths of the Beirut port explosion.

Some have succumbed to their injuries while in hospitals care. People are holding their hearts in their hands hoping that no more bad announcements come out from hospitals where many are still trying to recover from their injuries, and some are fighting for their lives.

A month after the explosion, great news was just shared on Twitter by the family of a victim who was in a coma since then. She just woke up!

Juliette Audi, who was severely hit on the head by the blast and had a lung punctured by a glass shard, has opened her eyes to her son by her side.

She has regained most of her consciousness, her son told The961, and she’s halfway through the road of recovery.

A miracle that has delighted her family to tears and all the Lebanese people who ache for any and more miracles as Beirut struggles to survive.

In the below video shared with The961 by her son, her children are teasing her with jokes to make her laugh and encouraging her to rise.

Video credit: Juliette Audi’s son

Two weeks ago, a similar beautiful story of a coma survivor surfaced the internet, spreading some hope among the nation.

Another miracle the Lebanese are awaiting, for three days and nights now, and against all odds, is that of the beating pulses heard under the rubble of Gemmayzeh in Beirut.

An extraordinary expert team from Chile has been tirelessly trying to extract two possible survivors from the under the rubble, and the process is still ongoing.

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A Woman Just Woke Up From Coma One Month After The Explosion (Video)

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