There Is A New Bill To Grant Victims Of Beirut Blast Same Status As Lebanese Army Martyrs

The National

The Parliament on Friday approved a draft law proposed by the Development and Liberation bloc, in which it stipulates that the martyrs of the Beirut port explosion should be considered similar to the Lebanese army martyrs and be granted the same benefits.

Similar to families of army martyrs who receive a monthly salary as well as some medical aid, the law will ensure that families who lost loved ones due to the disastrous Beirut explosion benefit from the National Social Security Fund’s services for life.

However, it should be noted that MPs voted on this law on the fly and were not provided with its text ahead of time. Few know what it means exactly. The caretaker defense minister didn’t even know what kind of aid they will get.

Many have been vocal about their anger for labeling the victims as martyrs. In their perspective, it removes the responsibility from the state which negligence led to their murder.

Just two days ago, the families rallied in front of the residence of the lead investigator on the blast Judge Fadi Sawwan, demanding that investigations into the disastrous August 4 Beirut explosion no longer be delayed and to hold accountable everyone who was responsible for the tragedy.

Families of Beirut port explosion victims told MTV News, “The quota system bears responsibility for the explosion, and we are preparing for our real battle to have a fair and transparent ruling.”

“Otherwise, we will have positions that may cross the borders of the homeland,” they warned.

The Beirut Port explosion of August 4th killed at least 200 lives and injured thousands, while dozens remain missing.

Up until now, all that is evident is the fact that 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate were carelessly stored by authorities in a port warehouse since 2014.

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