Body Of Murder Victim Was Just Found Stored In A Fridge For A Year In Lebanon

One Of The Most Dangerous Wanted Criminals In Lebanon Was Just Arrested

A man has been arrested in Lebanon after keeping a dead body in a fridge for a year.

“A.K.,” a 42-year-old Syrian national, had been storing the body in the fridge inside a warehouse in the southern village of Darb El-Sim.

When it was found, on June 17th, the corpse was partially decomposed, and a pathologist concluded that the death had taken place more than 8 months prior, according to a statement issued by the Internal Security Forces (ISF) on Thursday.

The body was later identified as being “M.A.,” a Syrian national who was 60 years old at the time of his death.

The investigation into the case led the ISF‘s Information Branch to arrest the suspect. While being interrogated, he stated that he had not met the victim in a long time and knew nothing about him.

However, faced with the evidence indicating his involvement in the murder, he confessed to committing the crime nearly a year prior, during a dispute with him.

He said that he had struck him on the head and left him to bleed to death before returning later and placing his body in the fridge.

The ISF said that the necessary legal measures have since been taken against the suspect, and he has been referred to the competent judicial authority.

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