11 Perfect Places In Lebanon For Bookworms And Bibliophiles


Reading a book transports you to different dimensions and takes your mind somewhere else, away from the stress and worries of the moment.

For many people, reading is a sacred time that needs its own specific place, setting, and ambiance. Bookworms are all about buying their own books and reading them peacefully.

With the ongoing crisis roaming the state of Lebanon, finding time to shop for books and read them is often hard.

To make this easy for you, we have created a list of places that are perfect for a good read!

Here are 10 places that will make shopping for books and reading even more interesting than it already is:

Alkindy – Tripoli

One of the coziest and most colorful spots in Tripoli, Alkindy is a great place for reading. Located in El-Mina, Tripoli’s seaside, Alkindy is a small chill-out place with a house-like setting filled with activities like reading, writing, coloring, and many more.

You can choose your reading spot either inside or outside as you enjoy their delicious snacks and their calm ambiance.

Uncle Joe Bookshop – Hamra

Located in Hamra street, Beirut, Uncle Joe is a bookshop that holds a diversity of old and used books from all different kinds of genres.

Whether you can’t find a book or need a specific one, Uncle Joe is the perfect destination to satisfy your reading desires.

New Yorker Cup – Byblos, Jal El Dib, and Badaro

New Yorker Cup is the perfect spot to grab a coffee and read your favorite book. In all its branches, you can enjoy a comfortable spot on a sofa, sipping nice coffee, and enjoying a good book.

The ambiance of the New Yorker Cup is similar to the setting and streets of New York, with F.R.I.E.N.D.S playing on their big TVs all the time.

Onleen Bookstore – Ansar

Onleen Bookstore is not just a shop where you can buy books, but it is a community of bookworms and bibliophiles.

Aside from reading or borrowing books, you can engage, within this community, in specific topics and partake in different activities, taking your reading hobby to another level.

Dar El Wardieh – Hamra

Dar El Wardieh is the absolute representation of Spring in a small cozy place.

With the wooden chairs, flowers, and bright colors, it is the perfect place for you to enjoy some alone time with your book and have a taste of yummy food and refreshing drinks.

Curl Book And Coffee Shop – Badaro

Curl is the ultimate book experience for bookworms. Not only does it offer a variety of books, but it also shares specific insights about books so you can make the right choice and choose what genre suits you best.

Curl is much more than a book or coffee shop, it is also a community of bookworms, all of them ready to share their opinions and feedback.

Rassif – Tripoli

Rassif is a reflection of Tripoli’s vintage heritage and its beautiful setting, the perfect spot for bookworms. Rassif, like many other shops, offers a distinguished atmosphere for readers in a nice and calm setting.

With a variety of food on the menu, you can spend long hours with your book with no disturbance.

Haven The Cabin – Byblos

Not only is Haven a cozy spot for readers, but they also have a special spot for its bookworm customers.

Haven offers a variety of books placed next to a cushion-filled corner for anyone looking for a comfortable place to read.

You can also choose to read your book outside of the cabin as you enjoy sunsets like never seen before.

Halabi Bookshop

Halabi bookshop is the ultimate destination if you need to buy a book.

With a variety of books ranging from encyclopedias to novels and dictionaries, Halabi has built its reputation as one of the greatest bookstores in Lebanon.

The cozy setting of the store will give you a pleasurable time roaming around the books until you find the one you like best.

Warshe 13 – Tripoli

Warshe 13 is a phenomenal street shop that offers a variety of books as well as a small library in case you forgot your own book.

As you read and chill, your surroundings can either be playing chess or cards or having small conversations, all while maintaining the perfect calm ambiance for you to read peacefully.

You can also enjoy Warshe 13’s small snacks or sip a nice drink as you finish reading.

Urbanista – Gemmayze

Urbanista is a great space for calm and independent time with yourself.

The nature-like setting offers you peace of mind as well as a calm and soothing atmosphere that will let you dive deep into your book with no interruption.

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